Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Caper 5k - December 2013

Christmas Caper 5k - Washington, DC December 2013

We both finished 2nd in our age group!
This was my final race of 2014, my first race since the Philadelphia Marathon, and my only race in December.  The Christmas Caper actually has a 5k and a 10k to choose from - which I like, because it waters down the competition and makes it easier to win an award.  Last year, I ran the 10k, but was more in a 5k kind of mood this time.

The race was run at Hains Point in DC, which is about as flat as it gets.  The only bad part is that Hains Point is a peninsula, so sometimes there is some pretty nasty wind, which slows you down.

The 5k started at 7:50 and the 10k started at 8:00.  We were running the 5k, but for some reason, I was thinking that our race didn't start until 8.  I got back to my car at 7:46 or so after a warm-up, realized my error, frantically threw on my racing flats, sprinted over to the start line, and made it just in time to, well, start.

It cetainly was not an ideal warm-up, but I settled down during the first mile, running a 5:55.  I finished in 18:51 (6:05/mile pace) to take 4th place overall and 2nd in my age group.  (Race Results)  Not a bad post-marathon return to racing.  My wife also finished 2nd in her age group, and our prizes were quite exciting. I won a Christmas mug, and she won a Christmas towel set.  The race is put on by the Potomac Valley Track Club, and they always give out silly holiday-themed awards to age-group winners.

So, after 21 total races - including new PRs in the 10k and half marathon - that was a wrap on 2013!

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